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Who Makes Our Voting Machines

 In response to an enormous number of inquiries about "who makes Ocean County's Voting Machines" the following represents what we know.

 The voting machines we use in Ocean County are the Sequoia Pacific AVC Advantage machines and they are considered a DCR machine. We  understand that these machines were chosen here in Ocean County, NJ because of accuracy, security, and reasonable cost.  In Ocean County NJ we have 600 machines. At the time of purchase they cost approximately $5,300 each.

We (OCCIS.com) have recorded NO problems or complaints from voters and the degree of simplicity and voter satisfaction appears to be very high.

Sequoia Pacific Voting Equipment Company is owned by publicly traded Smurfit Stone.

This is Sequoia's web site is:


 Special Note: This page appears as a result of several weeks of e-mail to OCCIS.com, following the presidential election of 2000. The following will be of interest:

Most of our inquiries are from people looking to invest in companies who make dependable machines.  Many other e-mails expressed concern over how a nation as rich and advanced as the United States could allow such poor voting conditions to exist and shock and disgust over the enormity of problem ballots. Public trust of the voting system has been greatly eroded. These attitudes are shared by voters of ALL parties.

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