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How to use a voting machine - how a voting machine works

There really is no mystery to the "new" voting machines. If you have voted before by "flipping levers", you can certainly vote by "Pressing the Touch Pad". The Big Red Lever that some machines used to open and close the curtain is gone. Now, you simply make your selections and then "Press the Square Red Button" on the right, and you are done. (You then walk out through the curtain.

For anyone that needs a refresher or is new, lets take a tour of a voting machine with Ocean County Clerk Dean  Haines.

Voting Machine and Dean Haines

Here we see County Clerk Haines with a new electronic voting machine. (for long time voters you will notice the absence of the BIG red handle we used to push and pull to get in and out and to cast our vote). Now we push a red button when we are done. More on that below.

The machine is basically set up the same as before, but with a few modern features.

Main Selection Area-1

Above: County Clerk Haines points to the candidate selection area. No more little levers to flip. Now we simply press the square button (ballot position is written in it,) to the right of our selected candidates name. A green light comes on to indicate we have made a selection. If you change your mind or make a mistake, just press it again and the green light goes out, then make another selection.  Do this for each Office Title you are voting on.

You will also vote for Public Question in this way, by pressing the square box next to the "Yes" or "No" for each question.

Main Selection Area-CU-1

Above: Close up of Ballot Positions.
Instructions are also printed (below County Clerk Haines's hand) in case you forget what to do.


Above: we see a picture of the Sample Ballot you should have received in the mail before the election date.  Hey! It looks just like the inside of the voting machine. They really make this easy.
By the way, it's a really good idea to read all the Public Questions way before Election Day so you know what you are voting for before you step through the curtain.


Hey! What happened to the pencil and write in spot?  It's been replaced by this simple to use key pad. Just go to the Personal Choice column and press the button next to  WRITE-IN, then using the key pad enter the name of the person one letter at a time. Read your sample ballot for instructions on making a space or erasing, etc.


County Clerk Haines points to the one button that you cannot change your mind on. Once pressed, your VOTE is cast!


Here we go! After you are satisfied with your selections, PRESS the RED Button!  The machine will make a sound and you are done. Your civic duty discharged, simply walk out through the curtain.


This is what a voting machine looks like from the outside. What's that? You say you can't see anything! Off course not, that's the point. Only you know who you are voting for.

By the way the rule is only one person in the booth at a time. (Although there may be certain exceptions like if your helping someone who is blind. Election officials of course know the rules. So if you think you have a special situation call the Board of Elections (732-929-2167) for details before the election so you have a smooth voting experience.

Also be sure to bring Identification with you. If you are "Challenged" at the Polls and can not prove who you are, out the door you go.

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Who Makes our Voting Machines?
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We hope this information helps all you new voters and assists seasoned voters in understanding the new machine features.

Don't take freedom for granted.  Your vote is very important.  See you at the Polls!

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