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Family Arcade

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Wait! Till Game is Fully Loaded Before Playing!

Welcome to the OCCIS
"Family Arcade"
A great place you can count on for good, clean, family fun!
(Students>>> Finish your homework before playing!)

ATTENTION: Games may take up to 60 Seconds or so to "Load" Please be patient! Some games may not work on "all" browsers. We would appreciate an e-mail telling us so we can keep track and try to fix.

We are starting off by including a few interactive games that have the approval of young and old alike. You can look forward to finding more and more games as you return from time to time.

Some games will teach lessons or help improve academic skills. Others help hand eye coordination, some are just plain fun.  

While some of the games will contain "shooting" we try to avoid "senseless violence".  Tail Gunner for example builds hand - eye & mouse skills, and since "we don't bomb people, we only bomb targets" we think it's OK (Hey, if it's good enough for the Air Force it's good enough for us). Of course the "bad guys" are always the enemy. We don't like shooting at people or animals.

Other games will present a variety of challenges.


Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  We usually answer e-mail immediately, or within 24 hours. If we take longer it's because we are being bombarded. (no pun intended).


Family Arcade
Tail Gunner
The Game-Man at OCCIS