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Foreign Languages

Alta Vista Translation Service -- Great way to translate words from many different foreign languages...many thanks to the Sullivan's

Dictionaries and Translators -- Can be slow to load, but has MANY foreign language dictionaries

The Human Language Page --


Arabic Language -- A basic course in the Arabic Language

The French Page -- French literature, vocabulary, etc. -- Nice site

German-English Dictionary (Travlangs)

Foreign Languages for Travelers -- A great place to find words for about 30 different languages from Travlang

The Internet Dictionary Project -- An excellent multi-foreign language dictionary
UK School Language Resources -- Many links to solid foreign language resources

Yahoo Human Language and Linguistics Page -- Everything you need to know about any language
JA Connection -- Excellent beginners site for those interested in learning Japanese

Spanish Language Places -- A wonderful place to travel if you want to read Spanish
Spanish Lessons for Beginners -- Very nice site
Spanish Language Homepage --
Books in Spanish for Kids and Adolescents --  California State University San Marcos
Portuguese Links -- Wonderful links from the Human Language Page
Europe On-Line -- Great information about many foreign countries in their native languages

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