Trophies 2 Parade 2007
Toms River Halloween Parade
Toms River Fire Company #1 Halloween Parade
Halloween Parade in Ocean County New Jersey

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The 70th Toms River Fire Company No.1 Halloween Parade - 2007

U div 2nd pl02  Rolling Thunder!  ... Hooah!
L div 1st pl
L div 2nd pl02
N div 3rd pl
M div 1st pl02
M div 2nd pl02
M div 3rd pl
N div 1st pl, & V div 2nd & 1st pl
O div 2nd pl
O div 1st pl
O div 3rd pl
O div 4th pl
P div 1st & 2nd pl
O div 5th pl
R div 1st pl
R div 3rd pl
R div 2nd pl02
S div 2nd pl02
S div 1st pl02
S div 3rd pl
s div 4th pl02
Y div 2nd pl02
V div 3rd pl
T div 1st pl
W div 2nd pl
W div 1st pl
Z div 3rd pl
Z div 1st pl
youngest in line- 8 weeks

Youngest in Line: 2 months.

Y div 1st pl02
W div 3rd pl
furthest traveled 2

Farthest Traveled

oldest in line02

Oldest in Line

Toms River Halloween Parade Mascot
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