Toms River Halloween Parade
Toms River Fire Company #1 Halloween Parade

Trophies 2009
Halloween Parade in Ocean County New Jersey
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Toms River Fire Company No. 1
 72nd Halloween Parade
Trophy Winners

The highly coveted Toms River Fire Company Number 1 Halloween Parade Trophies!

Every year for the last 72 years the Toms River Fire Company No 1 Halloween Parade has attracted thousands of people. Many hope to win one of the coveted TRFC#1 Halloween Parade Trophies.
Many consider it the pinnacle of their professional Halloweening careers.

youngest in line trophy
m div, 2nd place -Patrick don't squeeze so ..never mind..
trophy oldest in line age 95
a div, 1st place03
a div, 2nd place
a div, 3rd place
a div, 5th place
b div, 1st place02
b div, 2nd place
b div, 4th place
b div, 3rd place
d div, 2nd place
c div, 2nd place02
c div, 3rd place
c div, 4th place
e div, 1st place
d div, 3rd place
f div trophy
f div, 2nd place
f div, 3rd place
h div, 1st place
f div
f division
g div, 1st place
h div, 2nd place
h div, 3rd place h div, 4th place
j div, 3rd place
i div, 1st place02
k div, 2nd place
i div, 2nd place
M div, 1st place
I div02
l div, 1st place
k div, 1st place
z div, 2nd place
k div, 3rd place
o div, 1st place
k div, 5th place02
m div, 3rd place
r div, 1st place
o div, 2nd place02 o div, 3rd place
r div, 2nd place
r div, 3rd place
s div, 4th place
s div, 3rd place
s div, 1st place
v div, 1st place
s div, 5th place
u div, 2nd place
z div, 3rd place
w div, 1st place
x div, 2nd place
w div, 2nd place

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Toms River Halloween Parade Mascot
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