Spiffy Links

Spiffy Links

Family Education Network -. Dedicated to helping parents take an active role in their children's education.

Kids Food CyberClub Home Page Fun site for kids and parents wanting to learn more about good food and nutrition. With recipes, games, healthy snack advice, and food facts.

CYFERNet Family Resource Network The Cooperative Extension System's programs for childcare, health, development, and families.

Great Sites! For kids From The American Library Association

KidSource OnLine - Advice for parents on issues including safety, nutrition, medicine, and coping with disabilities

~Soda Pop's Fun House A huge collection of photos of clowns from around the world, complete with names, and information on each clown

Ontario Science Centre One of the worlds leading hands-on science and technology museums with over 800 exhibits, education programs, demonstrations and public events. A place of learning and discovery, while having fun

The String Fairy A great site for children - with music, a contest, and lots of cartoons

Bonus.com The SuperSite for Kids This place is just plain fun, with all kinds of good stuff.

Draw and Color a Cartoony Party with Uncle Fred A great site to teach kids how to draw

Journey North 2000 A global study of wildlife migration

Thinking Fountain A to Z - Science Museum of Minnesota

The Never-ending Tale A site where you find stories and then add your own parts. Let your imagination soar!

Welcome to Smithsonian Magazine's Kids' Castle

Zeeks.com Fun and Games for kids - In this site's ZeekFactory, kids can use pictures, sounds, and text to create their own multimedia projects

Welcome to How Stuff Works! Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you!

FunBrain All kinds of games that make learning fun.

National Geographic's Map Machine Maps, maps, and even more maps. Come check out our world.

Sea Monsters Ever wonder about Giant Squid? Or how about The Loch Ness monster? Well, then this is the place for you.

ASL Fingerspelling Learn sign language using the America Sign Language Dictionary

Exploring The Planets From the National Air and Space Museum

Endangered Animals of the World Learn about this animals and how you can help them

Rockhound If you like rocks and want to learn all you can about them, this site is a must.

Just For Kids Who Love Books This is a site full of links which give information about a very wide variety of children's authors

The National Inventors Hall of Fame If you are a budding inventor, learn from the great ones at the inventors hall of fame.

Genealogy For Kids "To learn where you going, you have to learn where you've been." This site will teach you how to trace your family history and better understand who you are.

The World's Tallest Buildings If you like skyscrapers, this site is for you.


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