Trophy Winners 2008
Toms River Halloween Parade
Paly Me!
Halloween Parade in Ocean County New Jersey

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Toms River Fire Company No. 1
 71st Halloween Parade
2008 Trophy Winners

C 2nd place

2008 Parade coverage, pictures and photos sponsored by:
ICCI -Computer Services
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 Family Auto Care - Lacey Used Auto Parts
Sign-A-Rama - Majestic Elevator - Giacinti Electric
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Mr. Bís Golf Central - Cousins Paintball of Manchester
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I 2nd and 5th place
A 1st place
A 2nd place
A 3rd place
B 2nd place
A 4th place
A 5th plus B 1st place
D 5th place
F 2nd place
B 3rd place
C 1st place
C 5th place
D 1st place
D 2nd place
D 3rd place
D 4th place
F 4th Place
F 5th place F 3rd place
G 5th place
G 2nd place

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Toms River Halloween Parade Mascot
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