Trophy Winners 2008
Toms River Halloween Parade
Paly Me!
Halloween Parade in Ocean County New Jersey

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Toms River Fire Company No. 1
 71st Halloween Parade
2008 Trophy Winners

J 1st place

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I 3rd place
K 1st Place
K 3rd place
M 2nd place
K 2nd place
O 1st place
L 2nd place
P 2nd place   JAWS
O 2nd place
R 1st place
R 2nd place
R 3rd place
S 1st place
Z 3rd place
S 2nd place
T 1st place
S 5th place
T 3rd place youngest in line 5 mos
U 2nd place
U 1st place
V 2nd place
V 3rd place
X 1st place
W 2nd place
X 3rd place
Z 2nd place
Youngest in Line 2008
oldest in line - 92 years
W 1st place

There were a lot of Trophy Winners that just plain ran off without picking up their trophies. Due in part to the rumors that the “real” Frankenstein showed up at the parade. We’re pretty sure that it was only someone in a really good costume.

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Toms River Halloween Parade Mascot
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